Three Easy Steps to Apply for a Teaching Job in the UK as Teacher Demand Soars

The United Kingdom recently announced that it is looking for teachers to work in its various schools.

Non-UK citizens can now apply to teach in UK schools, according to the country’s Department for Education.


Nigerian teachers are needed

According to information on the UK’s website, the announcement was made by the government at the beginning of December.According to a report in the Punch, Nigeria has been included on the list of countries where teachers can apply for jobs in the United Kingdom starting in February 2023 through the Teaching Regulation Agency.


The Teaching Regulation Agency will provide qualified teacher status qualifications to candidates who are eligible.

The possession of a formal teacher training qualification is not required of applicants.


According to information from the UK, applicants are required to have at least two years of teaching experience, a bachelor’s degree from a UK or non-UK university, an English language qualification that is comparable to a grade four General Certificate of Secondary Education, and a math qualification that is comparable to a grade four GCSE.


Candidates’ qualifications

Candidates applying for the QTS would need to possess the new teaching qualification internationally qualified teacher status (iQTS), which has been approved by the UK government. In collaboration with the schools, English teacher training providers offer the iQTS online.


It leads to the automatic award of QTS and meets the same requirements as English QTS.


It is available from six providers and is open to all non-UK citizens. The plan is to make the qualification widely available beginning in September 2023.

It is the only international course in teacher education that results in an automatic QTS award.


There will be a fee, applicants won’t have to go to the UK, and no additional training will be required.


Nigerians can apply for a new work visa offered by the UK for teachers.

To be able to work in the UK, applicants from other countries will need a work visa or another immigration status. Additionally, their employer must provide them with a skilled worker visa.

A school, local authority, or academy trust may serve as the sponsor. An employer license, or worker license, is required.


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