Express Entry – Solution to CIC Portal Login Errors

You will need your express entry login for all your immigration-related issues. Learn about the express entry login profile below.

From time to time, potential immigrants and visa applicants do experience express entry login errors when trying to access the CIC Portal. The difficulties users encounter when accessing the IRCC website do not depend on which country the website is being accessed from, but mainly on the option (eg: GCKey, Sign-In Partner, or through direct MyCIC log-in).

Notwithstanding rehashed endeavors by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to fix CIC sign-in issues for all time, they actually occur. Here, we will examine the Canada Express Entry login workaround whether you’re applying for a visa or another taxpayer-driven organization that requires marking in with your GCKey client ID and secret phrase or outsider sign-in accomplices.

You will require an express passage login profile at whatever point you intend to apply for help delivered by IRCC in Canada. Whether you expect to enroll through an express passage profile or you’re making a transitory inhabitant visa application.

Therefore, you must apply online for immigration into Canada using your Express Entry login credentials to access your profile. First, for instance, you must state your expression of interest in the online profile. Secondly, you must also say that if you want to study in Canada. 

In addition to that, you will also need the express entry for your permanent residence application. 

In other words, you need the express entry login for any immigration-related issues. 

Specifically, you can use the express entry login profile for the following:

  • check the status of your application.
  • find a form.
  • apply online.
  • pay your fees.
  • check your messages.
  • update your account or upload a document.

Express Entry Profile
To start with, to enter Canada as a talented laborer, you should make an express passage login profile. Along these lines, this is your initial step as a settler. Furthermore, it makes you qualified for the Express Entry pool.

Nonetheless, you should be qualified to present your profile. Thus, on the off chance that you qualify, the IRCC will:

Put you in an express passage pool.
rank and score you utilizing specific elements.
on the off chance that you are among the most noteworthy scores, you will get a challenge to apply.
When you get an answer from IRCC, you can apply online in 60 days or less.
To get a challenge to apply from IRCC, you should make a point to score high in the pool.
Make your Express Entry profile
Making an express section profile is your initial phase in looking for encouragement to apply for a long-lasting residency in Canada. This profile sends solicitations (ITAs) to qualifying competitors in a fortnightly express passage draw. You can make an express passage profile once you assume you are qualified. The video underneath will direct you to refresh or alter your IRCC profile.

Follow the moves toward opening a record on the IRCC site on the off chance that you don’t have one, or update a current express passage account according to your need.

IRCC login
You really want IRCC login subtleties (typically a username and secret key at the base) for your express section. The login certifications assist you with getting to your CIC account.

As a matter of some importance, the IRCC login assists you with beginning an application. Besides, you can likewise utilize it to submit and pay for your application. Once made, your CIC account empowers you to apply for movement, actually, take a look at your status or submit records to a current application. Thusly, you can involve it in the accompanying:

receive messages connected with your application.
actually, take a look at the situation with your application.
update your data.
To make or utilize a Canada Immigration account, you need to join on the CIC entrance utilizing customized certifications through any of the accompanying choices:

  1.  GCkey
  2. Sign in partner

Option 1: GCKey

To sign in with your GCKey, you will need your user ID and password.

How to create a GCKey and CER account

You can create a CIC express entry account via GCKey using the following steps:

  1. Read and understand the terms of use, allowing the CIC portal to obtain your personal information such as password, username, recovery questions, and their answers with hints. If you forget your password, you will use your recovery questions, answers, and recommendations to recover your account.
  2. The next step in creating your CER account is to type in a username. You can create a generic account if many people use your account. To be on the safe side, you must remember your username for future reference. Enter your username and password and supply security questions, answers, and hints to remind you if you forget your CIC account login details.
  3. Once the account security information is provided, proceed to complete your registration. In the process, you must confirm your language preferences (English or French).
  4. Finally, enter your contact information. All areas with red asterisks are compulsory. You can decide to enter a new email for this. To finish up the process, press “Save.” Then, you will get a confirmation email that you now have a CER account. An email confirmation will be sent to confirm your sign-up process.

Option 2: Sign-In Partner

The second option to create an IRCC login is to use a sign-in partner. Thus, you can sign in with your online Canadian banking information if you have an existing account with IRCC partners. Using the sign-in partner entails the following:

  • To do this, you will need the same sign-in information you use for other online services.
  • Also, none of your information will be shared with IRCC. Thus, your Sign-In Partner will not know which government service you use.
  • You will temporarily leave to use your Sign-In Partner.

I can’t sign in to my account. What should I do?

Whenever you notice a problem with your express entry login, you can try any of these common fixes.

  • Use the most recent version of a supported browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.
  • change from your favorite link or bookmark
  • Delete any saved favorite links or bookmarks
  • Close your browser, and then
  • Reopen the browser 
  •  Clear your browser cache
  • Close the browser again
  • Reopen the browser and try to log in to your account

However, after trying these solutions and the problem continues. You can contact the IRCC by submitting a web form: 

Go to Enquiry and choose Technical difficulties in the drop-down menu and include the following information in the text box:

  • whether you log out of your account after each session
  • if you share an office/home with other account users
  • your method of connecting to the network, whether through a broadband router, VPN, etc.
  • upload screenshots from your account that show us
  • the page(s) where you’re having problems
  • the error message(s) you get
  • if you need to upload many images, find out how to combine them into 1 document.

Finally, We’ll try to respond to you within 2 to 5 business days. Please don’t send your question more than once. It could delay our answer.

Permanent Residence Portal

  • Sign in to your account
  • Username / Email
  • Password
  • Forgot your password?

When you don’t have an existing account

However, if you don’t have an account already, you can create a new account. As such, you will use:

Sign in
Try not to have a record yet.
How the entrance functions
get a challenge to affirm
you private location
all email tends to be for every individual on your application
you’re in Canada
make a record for you
send one more email with your impermanent record subtleties
SINP Online Login
You can utilize your SINP login for any Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programs. Consequently, you will utilize your SINP online login rather than the express section login.

At the point when you visit the SINP site, you can occupy clear spaces with the right subtleties.

Login to SINP on the web
Client ID
Secret key
Failed to remember your User ID or Password?
PEI PNP Express Entry
The Prince Edward Island Express Entry Program works through an Expression of Interest (EOI) framework. Hence, unfamiliar nationals should communicate their advantage in applying and be welcome to apply for the PEI PNP. To do this, you should finish up a web-based application structure.

PEI Express Entry Profile
To start with, you need to make a PEI PNP Expression of Interest profile. This profile accomplishes crafted by express section login. From that point onward, you should sign into the record at whatever point you need to utilize the PEI PNP program.

OINP Login

You can create an OINP login profile if you want to apply to any Ontario PNP program. Just like other PNP profiles, it replaces the express entry login. 

So, to create the OINP login profile, follow the steps below: 

  1. Access the portal
  2. Sign up for ONe-key
  3. Register your expression of interest for an employer job offers and graduate student streams
  4. Fill out the application
  5. Pay the fee and submit your application.


We know logging into the CIC portal can be a headache sometimes, and we want to help. To create an account on the Canada immigration website, you’ll need to:

  1. Create a GCKey account.
  2. Connect your existing Sign-in Partners (or set up new ones).
  3. Enter express entry login credentials.

If you’re still having trouble signing in after completing these steps or have any additional questions about using the GCKey portal, feel free to contact the Canada immigration office directly.


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