How to Migrate to Canada as a Teacher in 2022

You have to present the required documents, especially your academic documents which must be up to Canadian standards to immigrate to Canada as a teacher.

Regardless of your country or where you’re moving from, migrating to Canada as a Teacher or any profession can be an extremely long and tiring process – especially with skilled and unskilled workers from many countries becoming increasingly interested in Canada this year 2022. Depending on the motivation when applying for citizenship, some may have a slightly shorter waiting period than others.

Federal skilled workers (FSW) are of greater value to a country and are therefore of a higher priority, especially in recession-proof industries. For example, doctors, dentists, and teachers are professions that will always be necessary and needed. Good news for teachers wanting to immigrate to Canada.

Provincial and territorial governments operate their school systems and are responsible for setting out the regulations for teaching jobs in Canada. The rules are alike across the country, but with some local differences.

Initial Step to relocate to Canada as a Teacher
The initial step to moving to Canada as an instructor starts with a straightforward evaluation. Assuming you are prepared to take your application, contact a movement legal counselor that spends significant time in Canadian migration. Most legal counselors offer truly reasonable or even free discussions just to pay attention to your circumstance.

The legal counselor will talk about the expense of his administration when the conference is positive. He/she will then, at that point, make sense of precisely how much simpler the individual in question can make the whole cycle for you.

Choice Factors for FSW and Approval for Teachers
A most elevated level of instruction finished; higher than secondary school recognition liked
Work experience shows something like one entire year of business that can be categorized as one of the accompanying word-related classifications: administrative, expert, or specialized/Talented
Familiar with French and additionally English (both spoken in Canada)
The age you are right now
By and large versatility (typically tried through an evaluation test)
Present status of work (or deal)
Four-year college education in Education and a common testament are expected for showing the position in Canada.

It is highly recommended that you start before arriving in Canada if possible because obtaining certification can be a slow process.

Other factors are considered to assess eligibility for teaching jobs in Canada. Such includes:

  • Most recent teaching experience.
  • Familiarity with the culture and curriculum of the Canadian education system
  • Fitness to teach, including character reference and successful criminal record checks.

Supervised student teaching may also be required. In Canada,  it is recommended to complete a major in one teachable subject, and a minor in another teachable subject to be eligible for secondary teaching jobs. These include business, sciences, languages, and social studies.

Current Restrictions
In July 2012, the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) stopped the acknowledgment of utilizations for the FSW program.

Yet again it is noticed that applications will probably be acknowledged when the program’s refreshed standards produce results. Nonetheless, this stop doesn’t influence candidates:

  • Have a current employment offer (already arranged in Canada) or
  • Are internationally enrolled, or were enrolled within the last year in a Canadian Ph.D. program?
  • Since Canada is not in the habit of allowing anyone to sleep on their streets, they will want to know just how you plan to begin your life once you have crossed the border. Any dependents you have will also be considered.Having too much money without a paper trail is a quick way to get your application dismissed; while lacking enough funds to sustain your family for more than a month will typically end the same way.

    Automatic Dismissal

    Certain applicants will most likely be denied immediately. Ensure none of these discrepancies get in your way before moving forward.

  • Possession of a human/international rights violation
  • A criminal history
  • DUI convictions, whether because of alcohol or drugs, will most likely get you turned down
  • Ties or past links to organized crime
  • Showing certain, especially contagious, health conditions
  • Lack of proof of, or not enough financial security
  • Discrepancies in your applications
  • Anyone that goes against Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, or IRPA
  • Anyone found to be about an inadmissible person

How many educators are paid in Canada
Educating is a respectable calling and one of the fundamental administrations for the development and improvement of society. Whether you are a grade the everyday schedule secondary teacher or a school teacher, your administrations are required for the improvement of your understudies who rely upon you for their life.

It is no big surprise Canada places training so high in her worth framework and offers free schooling to her residents and extremely durable occupants including their relatives.

Consequently, as an educator in Canada, you are qualified for enormous compensation for your administration.

As per Business Insider, Canada is quite possibly of the best 10 countries in the rundown of best paid rudimentary showing positions in 2019.

Below are some of the average salaries of teachers in Canada according to provinces and territories.

Province/Territory Average Salary (CAD)
National Average $68,894
Alberta $70,098
British Columbia $53,031
New Brunswick $66,250
Newfoundland & Labrador $58,500
Northwest Territories $82,000
Nova Scotia $57,675
Ontario $87,000
Prince Edward Island $63,512
Quebec $49,579
Saskatchewan $62,400
Yukon $69,000

Benefits Teachers get in Canada

Teachers in Canada have access to a lot of benefits including foreign teachers. One of such benefits is the universal healthcare system, which won’t cost you anything. It also includes the employment benefits which are

Benefit Description
Paid maternity and parental benefits Maternity benefits (up to 55% of your earnings for up to 15 weeks) + standard or extended parental benefits 

  • standard – up to 55% of your earnings for up to 40 weeks (1 parent can’t take more than 35 weeks)
  • or extended – up to 33% of your earnings for up to 69 weeks (1 parent can’t take more than 61 weeks)
Sickness benefits Up to 55% of your earnings for up to 15 weeks if you can’t find work because of medical reasons
Caregiver Benefits Family caregiver benefit for children – up to 35 weeks payable (a critically ill or injured person under 18)
Family caregiver benefits for adults – up to 15 weeks  (a critically ill or injured person 18 or older)
Compassionate care benefits – up to 26 weeks ( a person of any age who needs end-of-life-care)

These benefits may vary from province to province and also on whether you are working as a full-time or part-time teacher.

Which provinces are in high demand for teachers

Before considering the province where you will like to settle it’d be vital that you know which territories that need more teachers.

This will help you in your decision. The table below shows that provinces are in high demand for teachers.

Province/Territory Occupation In-demand
Alberta (4011) University professors and lecturers
British Columbia (4413) Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants
Newfoundland & Labrador (4011) University professors and lecturers
(4031) Secondary school teachers
Nova Scotia (4021) College and vocational instructors
Northwest Territories (4214) Early Childhood Educator
Prince Edward Island (4011) University professors and lecturers
Saskatchewan (4011) University professors and lecturers
(4021) College and vocational instructors
(4214) Early Childhood Educator
(4215) Instructor of persons with disabilities
(4216) Other instructors
(4413) Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants
Yukon (4214) Early Childhood Educator

Necessary Documents

Before migrating to Canada you must present the required documents, especially your academic documents which must be up to Canadian standards.

If you studied outside Canada and your documents meet Canadian standards then you must obtain Educational Credential Assessment which will prove so.

Below is a list of organizations that can help you run the documents you require to migrate to Canada as a teacher.

  • Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies;
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada;
  • World Education Services;
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS); and
  • International Credential Evaluation Service.

The job you can apply for also depends on your academic qualifications. This also affects the documents you require to migrate into Canada. Below is a list of educational requirements:

  • Childhood educators require a 2 – 4 year college program in early childhood education or a Bachelor’s Degree in child development.
  • Elementary and Kindergarten teachers require a Bachelor’s Degree in education and possibly child development.
  • Academic or secondary teachers usually require a Bachelor’s Degree in Education as well as in the Arts or Sciences.
  • College and Vocational Instructors require a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree or College Diploma in your field of expertise and possibly a qualification in adult education (certificate, diploma, or degree)
  • University professors need a Doctoral and Master’s Degree in their specialized field.

You will also be given a provincial teaching certificate and license by the province where you work and you have become a member of the teacher’s association in that province.

Below is a list of regulatory bodies that can issue licenses to you to work as a teacher in Canada.

Regulatory Bodies for Teachers in Canada

Province/Territory Regulatory Authority
Alberta Alberta Education, Professional Standard
British Columbia Ministry of Education, Teacher Regulation Branch
Manitoba Department of Education and Literacy, Teacher Certification Unit
New Brunswick Department of Education, Teacher Certification Unit
Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Education, Registrar of Teacher Certification
Northwest Territory Department Education, Culture and Employment, Teacher Certification
Nova Scotia Department of Education, Registrar of Teacher Certification
Nunavut Nunavut Educators’ Certification, Department of Education
Ontario College of Teachers Ontario College of Teachers
Prince Edward Island Department of Education and Childhood Development, Registrar’s Office Department of Education and Childhood Development, Registrar’s Office
Québec Québec – Ministère de l’Éducation, due Loisir et du Sport, de LA formation et de LA titularisation due personnel scolaire
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Department of Education, Teacher Services
Yukon Yukon Education Teacher Certification Unit

Job Offer and job opportunity

As a teacher who wants to migrate to Canada to live and work, you can qualify for some immigration programs as a skilled worker like the express system but sometimes you hear the story that some skilled workers find it difficult to secure jobs when they arrive in Canada. So, sometimes it is better if you can book a job offer before even migrating to Canada for two reasons.

The principal reason is that it will lessen the pressure of searching for work and attempting to settle down. Thus, on the off chance that you as of now have a veritable bid for employment, you will have additional opportunities to do different things.

Furthermore, it can support your score for Permanent Residence accordingly making it more straightforward for you. You can score up to 10 focuses in your Comprehensive Ranking System and can likewise be named for the commonplace program.

Pick a movement program
There are a lot of movement programs that you can use to relocate to Canada as an educator. Thus, you need to ensure that you pick the right one that suits your capabilities. The best among them for you as an instructor is

  1. Express Entry system
  2. Provincial Nominee Program;
  3. Atlantic Immigration Pilot;
  4. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot.

Alternatively, you can teach online in Canada from any country of your choosing. Check out our topic on obtaining a work permit to teach in Canada.

Exceptional Provincial Immigration programs for educators
A few regions have exceptional movement programs for educators who need to show in their area or domain. The projects are

Province/Territory Immigration Stream/Category
Alberta Alberta Express Entry Stream
British Columbia Express Entry: Skilled Worker Category
Newfoundland and Labrador Express Entry: Skilled Worker Stream
Northwest Territories Express Entry: Skilled Worker Stream
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Stream
Prince Edward Island Express Entry Stream
Saskatchewan Express Entry: International Skilled Worker Category
Yukon Express Entry: Skilled Worker Stream

FAQs About How To Migrate To Canada As A Teacher

Q. Are instructors talented laborers?
Ans. Indeed, instructors are grouped among the gifted specialists as per National Occupational Classifications. So you can meet all requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker program as an instructor.

Q. Could I at any point work online as an educator in Canada?
Ans. Indeed, it is feasible to work online as an instructor. Web-based instructing just turned out to be more significant with the Covid pandemic. Also, with the mechanical headway that Canada has accomplished web-based education is permitted in Canada. This permits educators to work from any place in Canada.

In any case, you should meet the very necessities and experienced educators who routinely show up in Canadian study halls need to qualify.

Q. What amount do educators make in Canada?
Ans. As per Business Insider, Canada is quite possibly of the best 10 countries in the rundown of best paid rudimentary showing positions in 2019. The following are a portion of the typical compensations of educators in Canada as per regions and domains.


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