Steps on how to apply for a Mexico Permanent Residence Permit

Here is all you need to know about how to obtain a Mexico Permanent Residence Permit.

For a Mexico Permanent Residence Permit, you have a choice of applying while inside the country or outside of it. In addition, the Mexico Visa Policy enumerates different routes through which an applicant can become a Permanent Resident with a possibility of citizenship in a few years. So, if this is your dream, it’s pretty achievable.

In Mexico, a Permanent Residence Permit is unofficially referred to as a ‘green card’, and it’s not just because of its color but because of the privileges a holder gets. As a result, every foreign national who intends to reside in Mexico aspires to get a Permanent Residence Card for Mexico.

The benefits of acquiring a Mexico ‘green card’ cannot be overemphasized. Also, it is vital to know the various routes through which one can qualify for this exalted position. This will help you to measure your eligibility. Therefore, this article will examine how you can be eligible for a PR in Mexico and the requirements to fulfill.

What is a Mexico Permanent Residence Permit?
A Mexico Permanent Residence Permit is an approval given to an outside public who meets all requirements to for all time live in Mexico. The application for a PR starts at a Mexican government office or department in the candidate’s nation, and closures in Mexico, at a department or consulate. When you ‘move on from impermanent residency, there are benefits appended to your difference in status.

Advantages of a Mexico Permanent Residence Permit
A super durable home is only one stage away from being a Mexican resident in Mexico. Here are the advantages of getting a super durable home permit in this country:

You will get a Unique Population Registry Number (CURP). With this, you can open a record, get a Mexican Driver’s License regardless of whether you have an unfamiliar one, and appreciate explicit limits.
You will get a Mastercard
You will acquire consent to work without enlisting with movement at whatever point you change your business.
You will join the public medical services program (Seguro Popular), which deals with crisis medical procedures.
Different advantages are accessible to Mexican residents except the option to cast a ballot or purchase land in held regions.
Who is qualified for a Mexico Permanent Residence Permit?
You can meet all requirements for a Mexico Permanent Residency under five circumstances.

#1. The direct route – as a retiree or a pensioner

Applicants who enter Mexico through this route must provide sufficient monthly income, savings, or investments to cover their living expenses in Mexico. This is because such persons will not be permitted to work in Mexico. Retirees or pensioners can apply for PR once they fulfill the above requirement.

#2. The famous route – 4 years of temporary residency

This is the most common way to get a Mexico PR. Foreign nationals who reside in the country with a Temporary Residence Permit can get a PR after years of living there. However, getting a PR this way is not automatic. Therefore you must apply for a change of condition. You can do this at an immigration office in Mexico. Then, in Spanish, you must fill out some forms and write a request for permanent residence. Other requirements will follow.

#3. If you have a child born in Mexico

If you have a child born in Mexico, you are qualified for a Permanent Residence Permit. All you have to do is visit the immigration office in Mexico. You can also apply with your tourist visa or during your stay as a temporary resident.

#4. If you have a Mexican partner or your partner is a permanent resident

If your spouse or long-term partner is Mexican or has a permanent residency, you must first apply to be a temporary resident for two years. Afterward, you can go on to apply for permanent residency at the immigration office in Mexico.

#5. If you are a parent or child of a Permanent Resident

If your child is a permanent resident of Mexico, you can obtain a PR permit, regardless of age. Also, if you are under 18 years of age and have a permanent resident parent, you qualify for permanent residency.

Please note that if you are in Mexico already and decide to become a resident in Mexico, you must leave the country and start the application process, then return to Mexico to complete the process.

Requirements for a Mexico Permanent Residence Permit

To support your application for a Mexico Permanent Residency, you must obtain the following documents:

1. A Mexico Visa Application Form

2. Your passport and photocopies of relevant pages

3. A passport-size picture was taken against a white background six months ago.

4. Proof of financial support Proof your family member can support you during your stay:

4a. Can be bank statements or proof of investment

4b. If a family member will support you, provide proof of income through investment or employment

5. Original and one photocopy of your child’s birth certificate stating your name (if you are the parent of a Mexican child or permanent resident)

6. Original and one photocopy of your birth certificate if you are the child of a Mexican citizen or permanent resident.

7. Your paid visa fee. You must get a Mexico Visa fee is US$36

8. Any other document that is required by Mexico immigration.

Specific Requirements for a Mexico Permanent Residence Permit

While the above are general requirements, there are certain documents that an applicant must submit, depending on the pathway for permanent residence in Mexico.

#1. For Retirees or Pensioners

  • Sufficient income can be proved by showing bank statements or investment receipts of an average monthly balance of 8,393.66 Mexican Pesos for the past 12 months.


  • Monthlyctax-free income of at least 87,632.84 Mexican Peso during the past six months.

#2. For Applicant with a Mexican Partner

  • Original and photocopy of applicant’s certificate of birth
  • Marriage certificate or proof of existing common-law relationship with the applicant who holds a permanent resident visa.
  • The Mexican partner must show proof of financial stability to prove that they can support the family member. This must not be less than 17,507.54 Mexican Peso monthly balance for the past 12 months or
  •  Proof of a monthly tax-free income of at least 17,507.54 Mexican Pesos for the past six months.

#3. If you are a parent or child of a Permanent Resident

  • If the applicant is the parent of a child with a permanent resident visa in Mexico, they must present the birth certificate.
  • The child’s birth certificate must be presented if the applicant is a child, sibling, or step-child of a permanent resident.

Click here for more information on the requirements for a permanent residence permit.

Step-by-step instructions to Apply for a Mexico Permanent Residence Permit
Assume you are applying for a Permanent Residence Permit. All things considered, you should use at the Mexico National Immigration Institute (Instituto Nacional de Migracion) when you show up in Mexico with your Permanent Resident Visa. Recall that you will initially apply for a Permanent Resident Visa in your nation of home. With that, you can get a long-lasting home permit in Mexico.

Now and again Asked Questions
What is a Mexico Permanent Residence Visa?
A Mexico Residence Visa is gotten by outdoor nationals who have chosen to look for out and out long-lasting residency in Mexico. In this situation, they don’t have to remain as transitory occupants in Mexico for quite a long time. They will go to Mexico as financial backers or retired folks. At the point when their application is conceded, a visa sticker will be put on their identification. Then, when they enter Mexico, they will trade that sticker for a super durable home card.

What is the legitimacy time of a Mexico Permanent Residence Permit?
A Mexico Permanent Residence Permit doesn’t terminate. Hence, you don’t have to restore it after a specific period. All in all, it is super durable. Accordingly, you can leave, enter Mexico as frequently as you need, and even apply for citizenship after around four years.

How much is a Mexico Permanent Residence Card?
A Mexico Permanent Residence Card costs around 5,000 Mexican Pesos or US$250. You can acquire this at the Immigration office in Mexico.

What is the distinction between a Mexico Temporary Residence Permit and a Mexico Permanent Residence Permit?
A Mexico Temporary Residence Permit is inexhaustible yearly, however, the Permanent Residence Permit needn’t bother with be recharged. With the previous, you should refresh your CURP consistently and pay expenses, yet with a PR, you don’t have to keep up with your legitimate status. On the off chance that you work with a brief home card, your visa will be attached to your card. Likewise, if you change your manager, you should tell Mexico Immigration (INAMI) and give specific reports, yet with a PR, you don’t have to stress over keeping up with your legitimate status.

What is the handling time for a Mexico Permanent Residence Card?
Handling a Mexico Permanent Residence Card takes around 10 to 15 working days. The days begin counting from when you present your expected reports at the Mexico National Immigration Institute.

The excursion to a Mexico Permanent Residence starts with your choice to live in Mexico. Mexican Immigration has made it simple by giving various pathways through which you can acquire the super durable home.


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